Fiat Fastback SUV Gets a French Inspired Version

In the world of automotive design, creativity is a powerful tool.

The Fiat Fastback SUV, created and customized by the renowned automotive designer known as kdesignag, is a vivid example of this idea.

Inspired by the challenge of imagining the Fiat Fastback following in the footsteps of the innovative Citroën Basalt

We delve into an imaginative exercise to visualize this SUV with a touch of French style.

Let's explore this imaginative version and all its facets, from the exterior design to the interior details

The front of the Fiat Fastback SUV, in this imaginative version, adopts elements inspired by Citroën's distinctive style.

Fluid lines and a wide front grille, adorned with chrome details, give it an aura of elegance and modernity.