Harley-Davidson GP-Monza: The Most Expensive Customization in the World

The Harley-Davidson GP-Monza represents a milestone in motorcycle customization.

A decade in the Harley range, this model is sold in the USA as a powerful cruiser

powered by a V-Twin engine that won over a loyal customer base.

A decade ago, Harley-Davidson introduced the world to a model that would become an icon: the Breakout.

With its robust design and powerful V-Twin engine, it has won the hearts of motorcycle enthusiasts all over the world.

However, it was never limited to what came out of American factories.

In fact, the customized versions, such as the GP-Monza, have become true legends on two wheels.

The original Breakout, in its essence, was already an impressive bike.

But what happens when you deliver it into the skilled hands of customization experts?