New Scania 112HW Jubileum 2025: An Imaginative Vision

The New Scania 112HW Jubileum 2025, an imaginative and futuristic version, was designed by the team of designers at the Garagem Master website.

This new iteration of the iconic 112HW series was created and customized with the help of artificial intelligence

in a tribute to the special Jubileum series launched in 1991, which celebrated the brand's 100 years.

The New Scania 112HW Jubileum 2025 features an imposing and aerodynamic front end, with futuristic lines and elegantly integrated LED headlights.

At the rear, the New Scania 112HW Jubileum 2025 impresses with its futuristic and technological appearance.

The LED taillights, harmoniously integrated into the bodywork, provide a unique light signature

While the bumper with chrome details adds a touch of sophistication.

The New Scania 112HW Jubileum 2025 can be available in different versions to meet customers' specific needs.