Fiat Fastback SUV Gets a French Inspired Version


In the world of automotive design, creativity is a powerful tool. The Fiat Fastback SUV, created and customized by the renowned automotive designer known as kdesignag, is a vivid example of this idea. Inspired by the challenge of imagining the Fiat Fastback following in the footsteps of the innovative Citroën Basalt, we delved into an imaginative exercise to visualize this SUV with a touch of French style. Let's explore this imaginative version and all its facets, from the exterior design to the interior details, including the engine and safety equipment.

Fiat Fastback SUV Exterior Design:

Front: The front of the Fiat Fastback SUV, in this imaginative version, adopts elements inspired by Citroën's distinctive style. Fluid lines and a wide front grille, adorned with chrome details, give it an aura of elegance and modernity. The LED headlights, smoothly integrated into the front structure, offer powerful lighting and a striking visual signature.

Side: On the side, the Fiat Fastback takes on a robust and dynamic stance. The fluid lines of the design flow harmoniously from the hood to the rear, giving a feeling of movement even when the vehicle is stationary. The alloy wheels, with an exclusive and aerodynamic design, highlight the SUV's sporty appeal.

Rear: The rear of the Fastback SUV displays a refined design, with LED taillights that extend across the width of the vehicle, creating a unique lighting signature. A discreet spoiler, integrated into the package, not only adds a touch of sportiness, but also contributes to the vehicle's overall aerodynamics.

Fiat Fastback SUV engine:

To power this imaginative version of the Fiat Fastback, we propose a four-cylinder turbocharged engine, capable of delivering exceptional power combined with energy efficiency. With a suitable displacement and state-of-the-art technology, this engine would provide an exciting and responsive driving experience.

Fiat Fastback SUV Price:

Although we are exploring an imaginative concept, it is possible to consider a competitive price for the Fastback SUV. Taking into account the segment in which it would compete and the premium features offered, an affordable starting price would be an important differentiator.

Fiat Fastback SUV interior:

The interior of the Fiat Fastback receives the same care and attention to detail as the exterior. High-quality materials, refined finishes and cutting-edge technology combine to create a luxurious and welcoming environment. Ergonomic leather-covered seats, an intuitive instrument panel and a state-of-the-art infotainment system are just some of the features that would define the interior of this imaginative SUV.


Below, we present a table in Portuguese with the main technical data of the imaginative Fiat Fastback SUV:

Category Specification
Motorization Turbocharged, 4 cylinders
Performance Power: To be determined
Suspension Independent on four wheels
Brake Ventilated discs at the front, solid discs at the rear
Wheel Light alloy, 18″ rim
Dimensions Length: To be determined, Width: To be determined
Height To be determined
Tank Capacity to be determined

Safety equipment:

Safety is a key priority in any vehicle, and the imaginative Fiat Fastback SUV would be no exception. Among the safety equipment included, we can highlight:

    • Advanced emergency braking system
    • Stability and traction control
    • Front, side and curtain airbags
    • Hill start assistance
    • Tire pressure monitoring
    • Camera system and parking sensors


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The Fiat Fastback SUV comes to life in an imaginative version that combines the best of Italian design with a pinch of French style. From its imposing exterior presence to the advanced comforts and technologies inside, this concept vehicle promises an exceptional driving experience. While this is all a figment of imagination powered by artificial intelligence, it shows the infinite potential of automotive design and the ability to dream about the future of the vehicles around us.

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