Hyundai targets Fiat Toro: Creta-based pickup truck on the way?


A Hyundai is considering entering the mid-range pickup truck segment with a model based on the Crete, seeking to compete more directly with market leaders such as Fiat Toro. This possibility is seen as a strategy to offer a more realistic and affordable product compared to its current pickup truck, the Holy Cross.

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Hyundai has demonstrated its interest in consolidating its presence in Brazil, announcing the production of two new products in Anápolis (GO), both aimed at new segments. Meanwhile, the mid-range pickup truck market has gained prominence, with several projects based on compact SUVs, aiming to increase sales volumes and profits for brands, especially in the region.

Credits: Garagem Master

Although the Holy Cross already represents Hyundai's foray into the mid-range pickup truck segment, its development on the Tucson makes it a more refined and, consequently, more expensive project. This has made it difficult to compete against models such as Fiat Toro, Chevrolet Montana and soon the VW Tarok, if that is the name adopted.

The alternative in question was mentioned during a Podcast and later confirmed by the Mobiauto through reliable sources. At the 2016 São Paulo Motor Show, The Hyundai presented the concept STC, a pickup truck based on the Crete. This could be the ideal solution not only for the Brazilian market, but also for other markets where pickup trucks are in strong demand, but the Holy Cross does not adapt to market demands and values.

A Fiat Toro, for example, uses the platform SmallWide and various modern solutions, benefiting from tax incentives at its factory in Goiana (PE). A Stellantis, Fiat's controlling company, can even plan an evolution of road to fill this gap. Already the Chevrolet Montana is based on the platform shared with models such as Tracker, Onyx It is Onix Plus, which makes it more accessible. A Volkswagen, in turn, redirected the project from Tarok from the base of Taos for the T-Cross, focusing on a more accessible and higher volume product. These strategies adopted by competitors were observed by Hyundai.

The advantage of sharing components with the Crete means a reduction in production costs and an acceleration in the development of the new pickup. It is important to highlight that the compact SUV will undergo restyling in 2025 and it is already being tested in Brazil, just awaiting government definitions for the choice of its new turbo engine, which will also equip this pickup truck.


The possibility of the Hyundai launch a pickup truck based on Crete to compete with the Fiat Toro and other models in the mid-range pickup market could represent a smart strategy for the company, allowing it to offer a more affordable product in line with market demands. When sharing components with the Crete, Hyundai can reduce production and development costs, increasing its competitiveness and enabling it to enter new markets where pickup trucks are popular. The success of this venture will depend on Hyundai's ability to offer a product that meets consumer expectations and stands out in a highly competitive market.

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