Speedboat Car: An Investment Equivalent to the Price of the Toyota SW4


Recently, the Speedboat Car, a trend that quickly spread, especially along the coasts of Santa Catarina. Better known as water vehicles, these models display an exterior modeled after a sports car, while internally maintaining the typical structure of a vessel. And now, to the excitement of aficionados, these machines are available for purchase.

In an advertisement published online, the Seacar Vehigh is presented as a vehicle zero kilometer, with a thorough description of its features. Powered by Gasoline, this water car is equipped with automatic transmission and has two doors, thus resembling conventional sports cars.

Inside, there is a digital panel and the convenience of electric starting. It is interesting to note that the ad not only lists the hull materials, but also describes the number of doors — two, in this case — and the body is identified as a hatch, as it would be in a common automobile advertisement.

The person responsible for catalyzing this trend, particularly at the end of last year, was the company from Santa Catarina Seacar. Although the project had been under development since 2020, it was only launched in Itajaí (SC) in 2023.

Both the design of the steering wheel and mirrors in carbon fiber regarding the body and hull, using graphene, were designed by the company. Regarding the structure under the body, the vessel is classified as a speedboat by the Navy and has navigation characteristics similar to a watercraft, in addition to being approved to transport two people.

“The mechanics of the vehicle are based on the Ford Duratec 2.0, with 160 hp gasoline power, driven by a Hydrojet, with a tank of 70 liters which allows even 6 hours navigation, reaching speeds of up to 100km/h in the water”, explains Nilton Goes, director of Seacar. For those unfamiliar, this propellant was used in models Ford Focus sold in Brazil.


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Produced in Itajai, on the coast of Santa Catarina, the Seacar can be purchased for the price of R$ 384,990. For comparison purposes, this price is equivalent to that charged for a Toyota SW4 and is greater than the value of a Ford Ranger 2024 top of the line.

For those looking for alternatives, it is still possible to purchase a Audi A5 Sportback per R$ 7 thousand less. It is important to highlight that purchasing a speedboat car is an investment exclusively aimed at leisure. But is this investment really worth it?

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