Rivian R1X: Enough to beat the Ford F150 Raptor


A Rivian presented the market with the R3 and R3X, which followed in the footsteps of the R2, which ended up being overshadowed by its smaller siblings. But the manufacturer from Normal, Illinois, isn't stopping there and is preparing a Rivian R1X.

Derivative of the R1T, the R1X has a more radical and a proposal similar to that of products such as Ford F-150 Raptorfor example. Considered a top-of-the-line model by Rivian, this radical pickup truck was seen in industrial design at the USPTOthe US industrial protection service.

In images, published by the forum Rivian Owners, The R1X appears with a more expressivewith more robustwith the fenders and front bumper standing out. pronounced and with two overbumpers.

Credits: Rivian Owners

In addition to huge wheels with large studs in the tires, the Rivian R1X will have a bucket different, with aesthetic elements on the sides and a compartment with a lid that can function as a table.

Credits: Rivian Owners

The traditional compartment transversal between bucket and cab, has its lid converted into a chair. Other images describe what the open compartments look like, as well as other details that are not technically described.

Credits: Rivian Owners

It is believed that Rivian R1X have at least 1,000 horsepower and thus be able to measure forces with the GMC Hummer It is Tesla Cybertruckamong the electric ones. With all this horsepower, its lithium would need to have between 150 kWh It is 200 kWh.

This could lead to autonomy of some 800 km at least, which would help a lot in off-road and the expanded capacitiesas the function of rotate on its own axis.

Certainly R1X will have more added capacitiesespecially from traileras well as a high capacity for recharge, flow bidirectional for cases of blackoutamong others.

For the time being, it is not known when the R1X will enter production or when it will reach clientsbut it will be an important reinforcement for the American brand.

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