Electric Toyota Hilux Hits the Streets in 2025!


A Toyota Hilux is about to receive a version electrical which will be available for purchase from 2025. The announcement was made by the brand's president in Thailand, Noriaki Yamashita, during the opening of the Bangkok Salon this Tuesday (26), according to reports from the agency Reuters.

Electric Hilux Front Projection

This announcement comes shortly after Isuzu announced that it also plans to produce a version electrical of the D-Max, scheduled for the same year. A Thailand is recognized as one of the main producers and exporters of pickup trucks, being an important reference for the development of new products, especially for the South American branch.

Furthermore, Yamashita announced that six units of Hilux BEV (short for battery electric vehicle, in English) will be delivered for testing as public transport in the tourist city of Pattaya, located in eastern Thailand, next month.

A electric pickup truck from the Toyota has already been shown on other occasions. Its first appearance occurred in December 2022, also in Thailand, under the concept called “Hilux Revo BEV“. Later, in October last year, the pickup began circulating in tests in Australia, although the brand has not released specific technical data so far.

Electric Hilux Rear Projection

Considering the proximity of the start of series production in Asia, it is reasonable to assume that the new Electric Hilux It will be an adaptation of the current generation of the truck, which has used the same platform since the middle of the last decade and has already undergone some design updates.

However, there is still no detailed technical information available about the new Toyota Hilux BEV, such as engine power or battery specifications. It is speculated, however, that it may share the same mechanical set as the BZ4x electric SUV.

This set includes an electric motor measuring just over 200 hp power and a battery with capacity 71.4 kWh gross It is 64 kWh net, lithium-ion, providing an estimated autonomy of around 250 km per recharge.

The concept presented, which will serve as inspiration for the design of the Hilux BEV pickup truck, displayed typical features of an electric vehicle, including a closed front grille and an air intake located just at the bottom of the front bumper. However, in general terms, the new version maintains the essence of Hilux that we already know.

Hilux 48V arrives in Brazil first Currently, the closest way to electrification that Hilux has is in its mild hybrid version, sold in Europe, Asia It is Oceania. This version has a motor-generator connected to a 48V battery it is a DC/AC converter.

This system is combined with the 2.8 turbodiesel engine already used by pickup in the Brazilian market. This engine delivers power of 204 hp and a torque of 50.9 kgfm, always associated with a six-speed automatic transmission. This configuration is expected to reach the South America, including the Brazil, in 2025.

Regarding the new Electric Toyota Hilux BEV, there is still no information about the possibility of its production in Argentina or about its commercialization in the Brazil.

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