The Fascinating History of the 1987 F1000 on the Invoice: From 0km to Today


Unbelievable. This is the word that comes to mind when witnessing such an extraordinary feat, perhaps something that will never be repeated again: the preservation of two F1000 pickup trucks unused since the moment they left the factory, in 1987 and 1990. In 2024, these vehicles remain as if they had just been produced. This article delves into the history of these rarities on wheels, revealing fascinating details about their journey from the day they were purchased to the present day.

Credits: Reginaldo de Campinas


In 2023, a video circulated on the internet, showing the transport of these two F1000s from Itapetininga, in the interior of São Paulo, to an unknown location. The pickup trucks, still with factory tags and in impeccable condition, caught the attention of classic vehicle enthusiasts and collectors. From then on, the story of these rare specimens began to unravel.

Credits: Reginaldo de Campinas

The Owner and His Mission

The owner of these F1000s had a singular mission: to keep these vehicles stored and preserved as long as he was alive. Detran's requirement at the time, at least in the State of São Paulo, to maintain cargo vehicles in their original condition, was one of the reasons that drove it. He kept his promise, keeping these trucks in the garage until 2022, when, presumably, they were acquired by the current owner.

Credits: Reginaldo de Campinas

Intriguing Details

By meticulously examining these F1000s, details are revealed that reflect the era in which they were manufactured. Paint labels, manuals, invoices and even newspapers from the time, dating back to 1990, accompany these vehicles, testifying to their authenticity and uniqueness. Every detail, from the rear view mirror to the gearbox, reveals specific characteristics of each year of production.

Credits: Reginaldo de Campinas

The Comparison

Having two F1000s side by side offers a unique opportunity to compare changes over the years. From the panel design to the mechanical details, each difference tells a story about the evolution of this icon of the Brazilian automobile industry. Even small details, such as the position of the rev counter and interior adjustments, show how Ford adapted and improved its product over time.

Credits: Reginaldo de Campinas

The Experience of Watching the Match

In a memorable moment, the video's narrator decides to start one of the F1000s, giving viewers the experience of hearing the engine roar after so many years of rest. The smoke generated by the start is a small sacrifice compared to the emotion of seeing such a well-preserved vehicle in full operation.

Credits: Reginaldo de Campinas

Conclusion: A Legacy Preserved

The 1987 and 1990 F1000s on the invoice represent not just vehicles, but a legacy preserved over the decades. These pickup trucks They are silent witnesses to the changes in the Brazilian automobile industry and the stories of their owners over the years. Whether as collectibles, a source of nostalgia or simply as witnesses to history, these F1000s continue to captivate and inspire vehicle lovers around the world.

When witnessing the history of these F1000s, we are reminded of the value of preserving the past and the stories that each vehicle carries with it. These pickup trucks are more than just a means of transportation; They are symbols of a bygone era that continues to fascinate us to this day.

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