Custom Kombi: 12 Insane Projects


The Volkswagen Kombi is one of those vehicles that transcends its mere functionality. It is an icon of freedom, adventure and community spirit. Symbol of generations, it is much more than a simple car… it is a lifestyle! To pay homage to this vehicle that made and continues to make history, the site's team of designers Master Garage dedicated itself to a special project: reimagining the Kombi with twelve incredible customization projects. Check out each of them!

Project 01: Classic Elegance

Timeless elegance is the hallmark of this first project. The classic Volkswagen Kombi is redesigned in a soft combination of black and white. Its interior features black leather seats combining perfectly with the refined atmosphere of the environment in which it is located. In this الحديث showroom where you rest, lights reflect on the floor and the large glass windows allow you to glimpse a beautiful sunny day. How not to fall in love?

Project 02: Modernity and sophistication

If nostalgia isn't your thing, this project will please you. Here, the Kombi appears in a super modern look, in a paint job that combines white and a soft tone of beige, almost gray. The large wheels and prominent VW badge add the finishing touch. The highlight is the modern design showroom, with elegant lamps and a large screen displaying the image of the car.

Project 03: A touch of Audacity

The Kombi is a blank canvas to express yourself, and this project demonstrates this with flying colors. The paintwork combines dark blue with white, but the audacity comes in the red and white stripes on the interior seats. Sizable chrome wheels and a blue front bumper add extra personality. The lighting in the showroom and the presence of other cars, including a vibrant yellow in the background, create an intriguing scene.

Project 04: Vintage Celebration

For those in love with charm vintage, this customization goes straight to the heart. The Kombi here is presented in a vibrant shade of teal, meticulously preserved. In a showroom surrounded by other classic Kombis, it exudes a sense of celebration of automotive heritage. The reflective floor adds a modern and sophisticated look, contrasting sublimely with the classic.

Project 05: Explosive Personality

If the idea is to attract attention, you can't go wrong with this project! An explosion of colors is its main feature, combining turquoise and pink in an unusual way. It gains even more personality with the inclusion of large chrome wheels, custom bumper, and neon blue and pink details. The room with reflective floors, white ceiling, and mirrored walls enhances the impact, reinforcing this idea of non-standard customization.

Project 06: Design Duality

What could be better than a personalized Kombi? How about a Kombi “divided” in two? In this bold project, a unique vehicle mixes past and present. The upper part features the unmistakable vintage Kombi design, while the lower part boasts a modern and bold design. The name "LIBERTY” is highlighted in the modern half, which features the colors gray, white, green and red. A project that will undoubtedly make an impact wherever it goes!

Project 07: Nostalgia in High Definition

This project is a true journey through time! In an environment reminiscent of a car exhibition, three vintage Volkswagen vehicles take over the scene. In the spotlight, a personalized Kombi in a discreet shade of beige, bringing all the nostalgia of its classic design. The “VW” badge on the front and the “VW Type 2” lettering on the side are the finishing touches. Closing the scene with style, two Kombis Split-Screen appear in the background, one in vibrant red and white, the other in classic off-white.

Project 08: Adventure and Modernity

A project that shows how the Kombi transforms to match its owner. Painting in white and dark blue, lowered suspension, chrome details and exclusive wheels: this personalized Kombi breathes attitude without losing its original charm. In the background, other Kombis, in blue and red, reinforce the idea of a community connected by the passion for this vehicle. The showroom's lighting and reflective flooring give it an air of modernity and high class.

Project 09: The charm of handmade

For those who appreciate the beauty of details, this Kombi will absolutely please. Painted in white and gray, it has a chrome finish and large, elegant wheels. But the highlight is undoubtedly the open door, revealing your wooden interior, a craftsmanship that exudes warmth and harks back to the beginnings of the vehicle as a symbol of freedom and journeys without a certain direction. The room with exquisite lighting enhances every detail of the creation even more.

Project 10: Clash of Styles

If contrast is your thing, you will love this project. Here, a Volkswagen bus appears “divided” into two very distinct halves. The top section is the classic colored Kombi, a symbol of times gone by. The lower half is modernized, bearing the word “LIBERTY” and a much bolder look in gray, white, green and red with stripes that give a sporty touch. In this project, past and future collide in a harmonious and personality-filled way.

Project 11: Back to the Future

Fans of the classic Kombi Split-Screen You'll love this project that brings back nostalgia without giving up a touch of refinement. Painted in light shades of blue and white, this Kombi has a chrome finish and elegant wheels, but it really stands out due to the circular platform on which it is displayed, with the “Volkswagen” logo and the inscription “Splitt” – an ode to the “split” front window. which became his trademark. The surrounding environment reinforces this feeling of returning to the past with luxury and admiration.

Project 12: Boldness and Elegance at its Maximum

Closing with a flourish, this project is for those who like to be ostentatious, but with class. Here, a meticulously customized Kombi takes on an almost futuristic air with a dynamic and vibrant design. The Volkswagen logo present both on the front and on internal elements shows an integration between modern design and the brand's tradition. In the spacious and glamorous showroom, directed lights and reflective flooring reinforce the feeling that we are in front of a work of art, not just a vehicle.


The Volkswagen Kombi is much more than just a car. It is the synthesis of an idea, a lifestyle, a blank canvas to express ourselves in a thousand ways. If you have a Kombi, don't be afraid to personalize it and make it unique, with your personality! These twelve Garagem Master projects prove that imagination is the limit!

Which project was your favorite? Tell us in the comments!

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