Nissan Reveals Ambitious Plan to Launch 30 New Vehicles by 2027


A Nissan is preparing a major revamp of its vehicle lineup over the next three years, with plans to launch no less than 30 new models under the business strategy called “The Arc”. Of these, 16 will be vehicles hybrids and electric, while the 14 remaining will be driven by internal combustion engines. An intriguing teaser video reveals the dark shapes of most future automobiles. Although we have seen 25 of them so far, it seems that the Nissan is still keeping five of its upcoming releases secret.

Credits: Nissan

The plan The Arc encompasses a variety of regional strategies, including special attention to the United States and Canadian markets. In the USA, the company intends to introduce seven new models, with the aim of revitalizing 78% of its line of passenger cars. This will include the arrival of plug-in hybrids and models e-Power, which refer to a technology in which a combustion engine acts as a generator to power an electric motor, similar to the approach adopted by Mazda with the rotary engine MX-30.

Although the Nissan still keep secret about many of the 30 models planned, there are strong indications that the company is betting heavily on crossovers and SUVs. But there are surprises too. Leaked images reveal a possible revival of Renault 5, as well as a pickup truck, probably the previously mentioned one-ton truck for Oceania. The Middle East will receive five new SUVs, while Africa will have more two, along with a small-sized car powered by gasoline. For Europe, planned six new models, with an ambitious goal of increasing the participation of EVs for 40% of sales.

In Japan, the Nissan intends to renew 80% of its portfolio, launching five new models and increasing the participation of hybrids and electric vehicles for 70%. In China, it is planned eight new models electrified, although only half of them bear the emblem of the Nissan. At a global level, the company has set an ambitious goal: electrified vehicles are expected to represent 40% of your sales to 2026-2027, with a projection of 60% until the end of the decade.

In addition to the news in terms of vehicles, the Nissan is committed to reducing the production costs of its EVs in 30% compared to the current Ariya. In addition, it is working on advances in batteries, seeking to develop lithium-nickel-manganese-cobalt (NCM) that offer a loading speed 50% faster and 50% more energy density than those currently used. At the same time, batteries are being developed lithium iron phosphate (LFP), with the aim of reducing costs in 30% compared to the Sakura EV kei. And there is still work underway on the long-awaited battery packs. solid state, expected to hit the market around 2028 or 2029.

Interestingly, the company's business plan Arc does not mention any possible collaboration between the Nissan and the startup Fisher. Recently, rumors emerged about advanced negotiations between the two companies, with the Nissan possibly investing US$ 400 million on the truck platform Fisher. It is speculated that the Nissan can start assembling the pickup Alaska in the USA from 2026. Furthermore, there is evidence that the Nissan be in talks with the Honda about a potential partnership in the development of EVs.

Despite all this movement in the market, there is still no mention of the long-awaited successor to GT-R. However, reports indicate that the GT-R 2025, recently launched in Japan, could be the last model in the series R35. A Nissan suggests that the concept Hyper Force, a purely electric vehicle, could become a reality by the end of the decade.

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