New Gol SUV: Spotted on the Streets?


It seems that finally the long awaited new SUV what will happen Goal It's on the way. After countless rumors and speculations, it seems that we are getting closer and closer to witnessing its arrival.

Credits: Garagem Master

However, before we get carried away, it is important to understand this situation better. The appearance of this new vehicle does not necessarily mean the return of the Goal, as many can imagine, but rather that its platform could be about to return to the automotive scene.

What is the story behind this SUV successor to the Gol?

Get ready for a trip back in time, because this story is not recent! The truth is that no one has really surpassed the legacy left by Goal.

Credits: Garagem Master

The car was a true icon in the history of Volkswagen and, to this day, it maintains its popularity as one of the best-selling used cars. But is there a real possibility of him returning?

When the VW announced its investment plans in Brazil, including the development of a new vehicle, the rumors intensified even more.

On the other hand, the automaker itself stated that it has no immediate plans to revive the Goal. However, a new sighting raises the possibility of an updated version of this beloved hatch.

Is Gol really coming back?

Although many believe that the Goal is about to make its triumphant return, that is not yet a certainty. What we can confirm is that there is a new utility which shares the same basis as the Brazilian model.

Like this? A post made by the profile @bunnypia on Instagram showed a snapshot of a new SUV, still quite camouflaged, but with a remarkable resemblance to the Goal.

Credits: Bunny Punia

Everything indicates that this project is the result of a partnership between Volkswagen and the Skoda, which is why a Czech version is already on the roads.

This new vehicle is expected to arrive as a compact SUV, a kind of hatch with raised suspension and a more robust appearance.

But when can we expect this car to arrive here?

It's difficult to say at this time, as few details are available. However, there is speculation that it will be slightly larger than the Pole.

For now, the only visible details are:

  • Flashlights with LED lighting
  • Spoilers on the back cover
  • Bars on the ceiling

Now, all we can do is wait anxiously for more news!

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