New S10 2025 gains projection and anticipates exclusive look for Brazil


Even before the Spin launch, The General Motors is already preparing for the next launch: Nova S10 2025. After months of testing, the mid-size pickup truck will finally be revealed in April, bringing a new design inspired by its North American version, the Colorado. Furthermore, the Nova S10 2025 will come with more features, seeking to match its competitors. Although the Trailblazer SUV also undergo changes, its presentation will take place at another time.

Credits: Garagem Master

Website designers Master Garage, were inspired by Chevrolet Colorado for a projection of the visual Chevrolet S10 2025. The inspiration came from Colorado, however, GM's Brazilian division chose to make some changes to the style. The general lines will remain similar, with emphasis on the headlights that narrow towards the center of the vehicle and a front grille with a wide horizontal bar.

Credits: Garagem Master

Based on this, the Brazilian division began working on the design of the New S10 2025. Instead of keeping the fog lights separate, they will be integrated into the plastic finish of the grille, positioned just below the main lights. Unlike the Colorado, there will be no clear division using part of the body in the national model. Furthermore, the design of the fog light area will be distinct, adopting a considerably larger square shape.

The interior is expected to get a complete makeover, especially considering the current look feels dated. The company's digital instrument panel is expected to be included, which will debut in the new Spin, positioned close to the multimedia center. An increase in safety features, such as blind spot monitoring, is also expected. With the competition offering more and more features, the S10 will need to raise its standards to remain competitive in the market.

Under the hood, the 2025 S10 will feature the same 2.8 four-cylinder turbodiesel engine used in the current version. Chevrolet has made adjustments to ensure the engine complies with Proconve L8 regulations from next year to reduce pollutant emissions. There are rumors that the pickup could adopt an eight-speed automatic transmission, replacing the current six-speed gearbox.

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