Mitsubishi Pajero Sport 2025: New Design, New Power


If you are an enthusiast of robust and reliable SUVs, get ready to learn about the exciting updates that Mitsubishi prepared for the 2025 line of Pajero Sport. With its reputation for toughness and off-road performance, this iconic vehicle now receives a refresh that certainly will captivate your interest.

Since its launch in 2015, the Pajero Sport has been a dominant presence on the roads and trails, and now, with this latest iteration, the Mitsubishi promises to raise the standard even further.

Reimagined Design:

One of the most striking changes is the design updated from Pajero Sport. Inspired by popular models in Asia, such as the Xpander Cross, the SUV receives an improved version of Dynamic Shield. With a reshaped front grille, revised bumper and new mesh patterns, the Pajero Sport displays a more imposing and modern presence on the roads. Furthermore, the new 18-inch wheels add a touch of sophistication to its profile.

For those looking for an extra touch of sportiness, the Mitsubishi presents the version Elite Edition. With a unique design and distinctive elements such as black paint on the wheels and roof, this configuration offers a unique styling option that rivals the best on the market.

Enhanced Interior:

Upon entering the interior of the Pajero Sport 2025, you will be welcomed by an atmosphere of luxury and comfort. Depending on the version, you will find an instrument panel with updated digital displays, a refined steering wheel inherited from the new L200 Triton and a new black roof lining that adds a touch of elegance to the environment. Additionally, the two-tone leather seats with diamond stitching pattern provide exceptional comfort throughout the journey.

Enhanced Performance:

Under the hood, the Pajero Sport 2025 offers even more power and efficiency. In Thailand, the SUV it is now equipped with the 2.4-liter 4N16 turbodiesel engine, which debuted in the pickup truck Triton. With 184 hp and 43.8 kgfm of torque, this engine not only meets stringent Euro 5 pollution standards, but also provides an exciting and responsive driving experience. Furthermore, the exchange 6-speed gearbox offers smooth and efficient shifting, ensuring exceptional performance on any terrain.

In the Philippines, where emissions regulations are more flexible, the Pajero Sport it maintains the reliable 2.4 4N15 engine, which offers 181 hp of power and 43.8 kgfm of torque. Combined with the 8-speed automatic transmission, this mechanical package offers a perfect balance between performance and efficiency.


With the 2025 line of Pajero Sport, The Mitsubishi once again demonstrates its commitment to innovation and excellence. With a refreshed design, luxurious interior and enhanced performance, this iconic SUV continues to be an exceptional choice for those who seek adventure and reliability in equal measure. So if you're ready to take your driving experience to new heights, look no further: the Pajero Sport 2025 is waiting for you.

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