Ford Ranger Tactical Force: The Power of Defense in Your Hands


Imagine being equipped with a pickup truck specially prepared for the most challenging defense tasks. Now that's not just a fantasy, but a tangible reality with the Ford Ranger Tactical Force. With a 250 HPThis pick-up is ready to take on any challenge that security and defense require.

Ford Ranger Tactical Force: The New Era of Tactical Security

A Ford Pro recently launched two vehicles specially adapted for tactical and security applications, marking a new era in strategic mobility. The first highlight is the Ranger XLS V6 3.0A true powerhouse prepared for tactical operations. The second is Transit ChassisIt has been transformed into a mobile command center, ensuring efficient coordination in critical situations.

Ranger XLS V6 3.0: Power in the Right Hands

A new Ranger XLS V6 3.0 has been meticulously modified to meet the specific needs of police and military forces. With its robust performance and exceptional off-road capabilities, this vehicle excels in any terrain. Equipped with a 3.0 V6 generating 250 horsepower It is 61.1 kgm of torqueas well as an automatic ten gears and traction 4WDThe Ranger is ready for any mission.

Ford Ranger Tactical Force: Integrated Technology and Security

The notable characteristics of Tactical Force Ranger include a reinforced suspension and a bumper with integrated winch, guaranteeing strength and functionality in adverse conditions. Its lighter 30% armor contributes to agility and maneuverability, keeping your safety at the forefront.

In terms of comfort and safety technologies, the Tactical Force Ranger leaves nothing to be desired. With a humanized cell and a kennel with air conditioning and humidifier, the well-being of the occupants is guaranteed. In addition, advanced facial and license plate recognition systems, along with LED signage and 360-degree lights with remote control, guarantee visibility and safety in any situation.

Highlight at LAAD Defence & Security 2024

A Ford Ranger exclusive was the highlight of LAAD Defense & Security 2024, the largest event of its kind in Latin America. Held from April 2 to 4 at the Transamerica Expo Center in São Paulo, the event attracted visitors from more than 30 countries. A Ford Ranger Tactical Force impressed the participants, demonstrating its unique capabilities and features designed to meet the most demanding security and defense challenges.

Conclusion: The Future of Defense in Your Hands

With the Ford Ranger Tactical ForceThe future of security and defense is within reach. With its cutting-edge technology, robust performance and exceptional adaptability, this pick-up is more than just a vehicle - it's an essential tool for those who protect and defend. Whether in the city or the countryside, in emergency situations or tactical operations, the Ford Ranger is ready for any challenge.

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