Custom BMW X7 Pickup: The Fusion of Luxury and Utility


In a universe where imagination knows no limits, Custom BMW X7 Pickup emerges as a vivid expression of automotive creativity. Designed in 2024, this impressive machine is not just an ordinary pickup truck; is a symbol of exclusivity, designed for enthusiasts who seek the unexpected and extraordinary. Created and customized by the talented team of designers at Garagem Master, this pickup not only offers a new interpretation of luxury, but also redefines standards of utility with its stunning aesthetics and exceptional performance.

BMW X7 Design Pickup: An Ode to Elegance and Agility

The design of the Custom BMW X7 Pickup is a symphony of elegance and aggression. With an exclusive body kit that enhances its presence on the road, this pickup exudes an aura of confidence and sophistication. Custom white paintwork adds a touch of distinction, highlighting its aerodynamic lines and muscular contours.

Rear: Power in Every Detail of the BMW X7 Pickup

The rear of the Custom BMW X7 Pickup is a testament to BMW's commitment to design excellence. Carefully crafted details, such as the LED rear lights and prominent BMW logo, give the pickup an imposing and unmistakable appearance.

Side of the BMW X7 Pickup: A Dominant Presence on the Streets

Seen from the side, the imposing proportions of the Custom BMW X7 Pickup are impressive. Its fluid, athletic lines flow seamlessly from the front hood to the spacious cargo compartment, creating a dynamic and imposing aesthetic.

History: The Emergence of an Icon

The story of the Custom BMW X7 Pickup is a journey of innovation and audacity. Created as a response to the growing demand for luxury utility vehicles, this pickup truck is the result of years of research and development by BMW's team of engineers and designers.

BMW X7 Pickup Engine: Power and Efficiency in Harmony

Just under the hood of the Custom X7 Pickup is a powerful and efficient engine designed to deliver exceptional performance without compromising efficiency. With a combination of cutting-edge technology and precision engineering, this engine delivers an exhilarating driving experience on any terrain.

Price: Luxury Has a Value

The price of the Custom BMW X7 Pickup reflects its exclusivity and sophistication. With a list of custom options and state-of-the-art features, this pickup truck is among the most desirable on the market, reserved only for those seeking the best in style and performance.

Interior: Luxury and Comfort Redefined

Entering the interior of the Customized X7 Pickup, you are welcomed by an environment of unparalleled luxury and comfort. Premium materials and meticulously crafted finishes create an atmosphere of refinement, while state-of-the-art features provide unparalleled convenience and entertainment.

Safety Equipment: Protection Without Compromise

Safety is a priority in the Custom X7 Pickup. Equipped with the most advanced active and passive safety systems, this pickup offers peace of mind on all your trips. From emergency braking assistance to blind spot monitoring systems, every aspect has been designed to ensure the protection of the driver and passengers.

Technical Sheet: Details that Impress

Engine type twin-turbo V8
Power 600 horsepower
Torque 750 Nm
Fuel Gasoline
Max Speed 250 km/h (limited)
Acceleration 0-100 4.5 seconds
Forward Independent, McPherson
Rear Independent, multi-arm
Front Ventilated discs
Rear Ventilated discs
Size 22 inches
Material Light alloy
Length 5400mm
Width 2000mm
Height 1800mm
Wheelbase 3200mm
Capacity 90 liters


Conclusion: The Future of Luxury Mobility

In a world where individuality is valued and excellence is sought, the Custom X7 Pickup represents the pinnacle of automotive innovation. With its distinctive design, impressive performance and unparalleled luxury, this pickup truck defies convention and redefines what is possible in terms of utility and elegance. Whether conquering urban roads or exploring off-road trails, the X7 Custom Pickup offers a truly exceptional driving experience. Prepare to be captivated by the perfect combination of style and functionality – get ready for the Custom X7 Pickup.

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