New Kia Cerato 2025: Official Images

Are you ready to discover the future of driving? Prepare to be amazed by the images officers revealed from New Kia Cerato 2025

also known globally as the Kia K4. Today, Kia gave us the first full images of the exterior and interior design of this stunning sedan.

Kia designers didn't just create a car, they created a work of art on wheels. They developed a body shape that defies conventional logic

A technique they call 'Torsion Logic'. By interlacing squares in a seemingly illogical way

They created an organic flow of light that runs through the entire body design, giving the Cerato a unique presence on the road.

But the surprises don't stop there. Upon entering the Cerato, you will be greeted by an interior that combines technological innovation with exceptional comfort.

The interior design celebrates the creative tension between two seemingly opposing concepts

the driver-oriented cockpit and a layout that defies expectations.

You'll have a variety of direct and indirect lighting options at your disposal to personalize your experience in the Cerato's sophisticated cabin.