New 2025 Honda Civic Type R Pickup is digitally launched

A New Honda Civic Type R Pickup 2025 has just arrived on the Brazilian automobile market, marking a revolution in the sports pickup truck segment.

With an exclusively digital launch, Honda surprises Civic enthusiasts with a bold design, incredible performance and a range of advanced technologies.

A front of the New Honda Civic Type R Pickup 2025 displays an imposing presence on the streets, with aggressive lines and sharp angles

that convey sportiness and aerodynamics. The highlight is the front grille, which bears the emblematic Honda emblem in a central position.

You headlights Front lights have a futuristic design, with LED lighting technology that offers exceptional visibility in any light condition.

With an angular shape, the headlights complement the truck's aggressive look, ensuring a unique identity on the roads.

At rear, the design of the New Honda Civic Type R Pickup 2025 maintains the same sporty essence, with an integrated spoiler

Which increases downforce and contributes to stability at high speeds.

The redesigned rear bumper and dual exhaust outlets reinforce the pickup's performance image.

For the 2025 Honda Civic Type R Pickup, we imagined a high-performance turbo engine, capable of delivering impressive power and abundant torque.