Ford Maverick: From the glory of the track to abandonment in the scrapyard

In 2021, Ford decided to revive a name from the past and launched its new compact pickup truck, the Maverick.

However, for most people, the word “Maverick” conjures up a very different car.

the compact sports car that shined on the streets and drag strips in the 70s.

Launched in 1970 to replace the Falcon, the Maverick arrived as a breath of fresh air in the American automotive market.

Inspired by the Mustang, it had a bold design, with a long hood, fastback roof and short trunk.

Ford's bet paid off! The Maverick was an instant success, winning over the public with its attractive looks, fun handling and competitive price.

In its first year, Ford sold almost 579,000 units, surpassing even Mustang sales

The Maverick was offered in several configurations to suit different needs and lifestyles.

There were options with two or four doors, sedan or coupe, and engines ranging from a modest 1.6L to a powerful 302 V8.