Disassembling the world's first Tesla Cybertruck: What's inside?

O outer casing. The angular shapes, each angle It is sharp edge. The body constructed entirely with stainless steel. O innovative design. A technology.

And, above all, the expectation from the moment of its presentation, in November 2019, until its first delivery

In November 2023. Everyone was waiting anxiously. But what's really behind the Tesla Cybertruck?

The Michigan-based company Caresoft, led by president Terry Woychowski, dismantled the Cybertruck to unravel its mysteries.

Woychowski and Autoline YouTube channel host John McElroy are now inside a Cybertruck.

The compartment has no floor. The front and rear seats are assembled from castings, protected against corrosion.

A electrical structure in 48 volts features wires with blue stripes. High voltage wires are identified by color orange.

Some operate with 28 volts, not reaching the announced 48 volts.

48 volts are not required for all vehicle functions.

The Tesla Cybertruck introduces the revolutionary system steer-by-wire, where there is no physical connection between the steering wheel and the wheels. A system that cannot fail.