Chevrolet Onix is about to reveal a new look

Develop a new generation of Chevrolet Onix It demands huge investments, figures that easily exceed billions of reais.

This is why it takes more than five years for a vehicle to receive its successor, allowing the investment to be amortized.

However, some aspects of a car age faster than this period, and that's where stylistic interventions come into play as an intermediate solution.

To the Chevrolet, this intervention is crucial: the new Spin has already had its restyling revealed, and the next to undergo this transformation will be the S10

With presentation scheduled for this month. As we reach the transition period between 2024 and 2025, it will be the turn of the protagonists of General Motors in Brazil

The current generation Chevrolet Onix and Onix Plus were launched in 2019, receiving a much warmer reception, in terms of design.

Than its main competitors, Hyundai HB20 and HB20S.

However, the Hyundai duo underwent a renewal in 2022, and now it's time for Chevrolet to respond with additional improvements.

As determined, the styling of the 2025 Chevrolet Onix will follow the brand's global guidelines, adopting elements similar to those of more expensive models

Like the full-size SUVs from the United States and the new electric cars.