Amazonas 1600 2025: The Return of the Legend on Two Wheels

Imagine yourself cruising the roads aboard a motorcycle that combines the nostalgic charm of the past with technology and futuristic design.

This is the proposal for the new Amazonas 1600 2025, a concept that rekindles the passion for a Brazilian legend and projects it into the future.

Inspired by the rich history of Amazonas, the new 1600 2025 is a tribute to Brazilian motorcycle heritage.

But make no mistake, this isn't just a remake of the past.

It is a bold reinterpretation, which incorporates elements of modern design and cutting-edge technology, without losing the essence that made Amazonas an icon.

At first glance, the Amazonas 1600 2025 captivates with its fluid and aggressive lines.

The sculpted black and matte black fairing conveys a sense of power and sophistication

while chrome details and the Amazonas emblem add a touch of class.

The LED headlight, with its unique shape, is one of the highlights of the design.